Who are you Booster Monster?

(and how can you help my biz?)

Booster Monster is a monster that feeds out of slow websites fat. She is very busy, but responsible and dedicated. She guarantees to improve your site load time within one week. This means that while Booster Monster is busy improving her next website, your customers will already recieve a fun and fast experience in your site.

 When your site is faster people will enjoy staying in it, read your messages, answer your forms and actually buy stuff. Booster Monster often tells that she is a close friend of a few search engines crawling spirders and that they insist this helps your site ranking so that you will get more traffic.

How does it actually works?

1. We will analyze your sites load time
We use market leading measurement tools - Pingdom and Gtmetrix, and make sure we measure multiple times so that we can calculate avarages. We do not count faulty test results (if accidently facebook's servers are not very fast right now its not really your fault... or ours either).
2. We will send you a quote over email after performing a deeper analysis
In this phase you will already get more value from us, for free. We will send you a mail and describe in it the main problems in your site the effects load time. We will pick the best success stories and share them with you, along with testemonials, and even reccomend you with some free tools that we really love. Oh yeah, and within three days you will also get that personalized quote for the work of speeding up your site.
3. Most sites are eligable for the Double the Speed or you Don't Pay package. We will tell if you can apply for that within 3 days
Being eligable to the "Double the Speed or you Don't Pay" package is a factor of your site's condition. Perhaps your site is already as fast as it can go? Most likely not, but we keep a good relationship with anyone that is interested in what we do and give accurate and reliable information about the services that are available for you.
4. Take your time with the decision. In the meantime you will get access to our daily speed education email.
It turns out that customers that got more free information from us also ejoyed our services more - with a 10x factor! We will send you the most common FAQs so that the little words in our Terms of Service will be clear and readible.
5. You have our quote. If you choose to invest, we will unleash Booster Monster into your site!
Please note, even if you do favour our services and decide that the investment is easy peasy (btw - an investment that will totally return itself due to your sites new performance) - we will still need your help. We will explain everything in the emails, but generally speaking, we cannot boost your sites without getting the submarine's keys. Thanks in advance for your patience. We will make it worthwhile.

Site Owners TRUST the Monster

  • "I chose for my site a theme which is awesome and that its looks are according to my company's values... but it was tremendously slow. Booster Monster solved that problem for us and the site load time went from 20 seconds to 3.5 seconds."
    Nurit Gaon
    Nurit GaonPinki Pooh
  • "My business provides services in the niche of building computer networks in offices, so it was important even in the business branding level that the site will be smooth and fast. Booster Monster solved my slow site problem and I am thankfull for it."
    Shaul Hadar
    Shaul HadarHadarnet
  • "As a boosting monster, it was only natural that once a site is being built for ME then I will treat it right. Before coming along the site took 4.5 seconds to load, and not it loads in 1.5. Sweet!"
    Booster Monster
    Booster MonsterThe Booster Monster

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